Wellness Center and Massage Therapy in Riverdale, New Jersey

We are Northern New Jersey’s newest wellness center focusing on the whole person.  Our vision is to promote whole person health and not treating individual symptoms.

Wellness from Head to Toe

Health in the US has long been “reactive” medicine; meaning, you get sick, you visit the doctor and maybe get a prescription with the expectation that it will “heal” you. 

At Avant Garde Total Wellness Center, we believe in the concept of “wellness” as taking preventative measures to improve one’s health. Our mission is to help educate, treat and engage to promote wellness in our community.

Avant Garde Total Wellness Lymphatic massage

Lymphatic Drainage Massage

We are one of the few providers in North Jersey to offer Lymphatic Drainage Massage. At Avant Garde Total Wellness Centers, our lead therapist, Bob Wilson, is certified in providing the highest degree of care.  He is a Certified Massage Therapist, Certified Lymphatic Drainage Therapist, and holds the higher level of lymphatic system training, Certified Lymphedema Therapist. 

We offer multiple services designed to deliver wellness treatment options for the entire body. 

  • Therapeutic Massage (60 Mins)… $95.00
  • Infrared Sauna (40 Mins)… $40.00
  • Pregnancy Massage (60 Mins)… $95.00
  • Lymphatic Draining Massgage (60 Mins)…$145
  • Relaxation Massage (60 Mins)…$95.00
avant garde total wellness blue room
Located in beautiful Riverdale, NJ, Avant Garde Total Wellness Centers boasts three massage rooms, one infrared sauna are dedicated to providing optimal wellness to our clients. Serving all major counties in North Jersey and only a half-hour from New York City, Avant Garde is the ultimate stop for complete wellness. We look forward to starting you on your journey.

Avant Garde Total Wellness Center

66 Newark Pompton Turnpike

Riverdale, NJ 07457